CNG Share Price List


The price of Consolidated Natural Gas (CNG) shares purchased through a broker or through the Company’s Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plan can best be determined from the information which was provided to you on your brokerage or reinvestment statement. Dominion Resources does not have a computer printout of the history of your account.

If you are missing statements, the attached price list is provided to assist you in determining the cost of shares purchased. The cost basis of your shares is the total amount of money you invested through:

  • purchase of stock from a stockbroker; and
  • direct purchase of stock through the Company by means of reinvesting dividends and/or making optional cash investments.

If you are computing your cost basis as it relates to shares exchanged during the merger with Dominion, please refer to the CNG Merger Tax Information page for more information.

If you need further assistance, please contact a tax advisor.

NYSE : (April 17, 2014) D 70.67 -0.86