Louis Dreyfus Merger FAQs

How do I exchange my Louis Dreyfus shares for Dominion stock and cash?

Complete the Letter of Transmittal that was mailed to you. If there are no name changes or special mailing instructions please:

  • Complete and sign sections two and three.
  • If any of your certificates are lost, complete section 4.
  • Send the Letter of Transmittal along with your stock certificate(s) to the address shown on the Letter of Transmittal. We recommend registered mail - properly insured with return receipt requested.
  • Allow about four weeks to receive your certificate and/or check.
Who do I contact with questions about my Louis Dreyfus stock certificates or about completing the Letter of Transmittal?

Please contact the exchange agent, Mellon Investor Services, with questions about your stock certificates or for information on how to complete the Letter of Transmittal. You may contact Mellon Investor Services, by telephone using one of the numbers noted below. Their representatives are available from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., New York Time, Monday through Friday, except for bank holidays.

From within the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico: 1-888-835-2815 (Toll free)
From outside the U.S.: 201-329-8660 (Collect)
For the hearing impaired:
       TDD from within the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico: 1-800-231-5469 (Toll Free)
       TDD from outside the U.S.: 201-329-8354 (Collect)
What happens if I don't exchange my Louis Dreyfus certificates?

The exchange agent, Mellon Investor Services, will not issue a Dominion stock certificate or cash to you until you turn in your stock certificates. In addition, any dividends that you would be entitled to as a result of the exchange will not be issued to you until Mellon Investor Services receives your Louis Dreyfus stock certificates and Letter of Transmittal. Depending upon the unclaimed property laws of your state, if your shares are still unexchanged after a period of three to seven years, your certificate will be automatically cancelled and funds for your shares will be turned over to the state in which you reside. You or your heirs will then have to go through your state's Department of Unclaimed Property to recover the funds.

I own less than four shares of Louis Dreyfus stock. Will I receive a Dominion Resources stock certificate when I surrender my shares?

Shareholders owning fewer than four shares of Louis Dreyfus stock will not receive a Dominion stock certificate. Based on the exchange calculation, these persons will not be eligible to receive a full share of Dominion stock. They will, instead, receive cash in lieu of a fractional share. For example, if you only own one share of Louis Dreyfus stock you would be entitled to .3226 of a share of Dominion stock. This fraction would be multiplied by $61.12 to determine your cash in lieu dollar amount ($19.72 in this example). In addition, you would receive $20 for your share of Louis Dreyfus stock. Therefore, you would receive a total of $39.72 in exchange for your Louis Dreyfus share.

Can I use my exchange proceeds to purchase Dominion stock?

Through Dominion Direct, the company's direct stock purchase plan, you have the opportunity to purchase shares of Dominion common stock as often as twice per month. You may enroll in the plan at any time. View and print the prospectus and enrollment form for Dominion Direct. Please keep in mind that the exchange agent must distribute a check to you for your proceeds from the exchange. You may, however, forward that check to Dominion along with an enrollment form, to purchase shares through Dominion Direct.

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