Louis Dreyfus Share Price List


The price of Louis Dreyfus Natural Gas shares can best be determined from the information that was provided to you on your purchase confirmation or brokerage statement. The price list provides historical closing price information for Louis Dreyfus shares traded prior to the merger. Your purchase price will likely be similar, but not equal to, the closing price due to inter-day market fluctuations and brokerage commissions you may have paid.

Dominion Resources does not have a computer printout of the history of your account. Please consult your broker for additional information regarding your purchase price. If you did not directly purchase the Louis Dreyfus shares, but instead received such shares via gift, inheritance, or in some other manner, please consult your tax advisor.

If you are computing your cost basis in Dominion shares received in the merger, please refer to the Louis Dreyfus Merger Tax Information page for more information. If you need further assistance, please contact a tax advisor.

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