EnviroSept Air Cleaner: How it Works

An electrostatic field goes through the bed of our polywool fibers, causing each fiber to be polarized. This results in each fiber being positive and negative on opposite sides of each fiber, in the direction of the high positive electrostatic field. Simply stated, we are creating millions of tiny powerful magnets to attract and hold air particles. Furthermore, particles entering the electrostatic field become polarized also, which means that they have a spacial varying charge distribution. They are attracted, with a force proportional to the square of the average hemispheric charge density, by the alternate polarized side of each collecting fiber. The use of a static electrostatic field (i.e., one without current flow and corona discharge) is important, since it prevents arcing and any generation of undesirable ozone.

In addition to the application of electrostatic polarization, the EnviroSept employs the principles of impingement and agglomeration. Impingement is the process that all media filters use to trap large air particles. These large particles build up on the front of the filter, while the smaller particles are collected through the media pads. Agglomeration of particles takes place as the all the particles having been polarized, collect together into larger particle that are collected on the charged media fibers.