Outdoor Lighting Gallery

Dominion provides outdoor lighting service for Residential, Commercial, County, and Municipal customers within the company's electrical distribution areas in Virginia and North Carolina.


  • All fixtures are efficient, with high-pressure sodium vapor lamping and automatic dusk-to-dawn operation.
  • One monthly charge per fixture, which includes energy and maintenance.
  • Initial installation charges apply and vary based on size, style and location of requested lighting.
  • A variety of features and brightness intensities are available so you can direct light where you want it.

Who can obtain lighting from Dominion?

Outdoor lighting is available to all North Carolina electric customers.

Outdoor lighting is available to Virginia electric customers in the following applications:

  • Single-family homes
  • Civic, worship and multifamily locations (on existing poles, or on new poles after one year of service)
  • Businesses (on existing poles only)
  • State and local governmental customers

All customers should check with your local government for lighting restrictions before finalizing your plans.

Quality outdoor lighting installation and maintenance is also available through your electrical contractor.

Additional information for fixtures offered can be found by clicking on the picture of a fixture below.

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