SYCOM takes pride in introducing its latest technological advance: "The SYC-685BB".

The SYC-685BB is a line interactive UPS, which has up to 70 minutes of runtime on the battery.

The Automatic Voltage Regulation feature ensures "Best-In-Class" filtering, keeping your equipment running smoother and longer.

The SYC-685BB offers 8 AC outlets for all of your computer system power needs.

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SYCOM develops and distributes a full range of surge protection and UPS systems for the telecommunications and electrical industries around the world.

SYC-685BB Features

  • Battery Load Capacity 685VA (480 watts)
  • UL/cUL listed
  • Connected Equipment Warranty
  • 685VA Line Interactive UPS with built in surge protection.
  • 8 Surge Protected Outlets (4 Battery Outlets)
  • RJ11/45 communications port protection (modem/fax/phone/network).
  • Automatic shutdown software supporting Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista included.
  • RJ11, USB, and coaxial cables included along with serial and USB communication ports on the unit.
  • 1 in/1 out coaxial protection.

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