FAQs About UPS Products

What is UPS?

UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply. Basically, a UPS product is a battery that can provide power to connected equipment (for various amounts of time depending on model) in the event of power problems or outages.

What does a UPS product do?

When utility power fails, the UPS product will automatically turn on and begin to provide battery backup power to equipment plugged into it. The UPS product also protects the equipment from all power surges whether they are created internally or externally.

As added protection, all UPS products carry insurance for attached equipment ranging from $30,000 to $400,000 (per UPS installation), in the unlikely event any attached equipment is damaged from a spike or surge in power. The UPS is also programmable so it can shut your equipment off and protect it from any damage that could result from a power outage whether you are present or not.

Furthermore, our UPS products carry manufacturer's connected equipment warranties to repair or replace your attached electronics in the unlikely event they are damaged by a spike or surge in power.

What equipment and appliances can I use UPS for?

You can plug almost any equipment into your UPS. Some examples include lamps, portable phone stands, computers, televisions, stereos, fish tanks, fax machines, cash registers, and phone systems with up to 30 outside lines. Do remember that UPS products cannot start motors or run large appliances like sump pumps, furnaces, air conditioners, refrigerators and other major appliances because they require more power than a UPS battery can provide.

How do I know what size UPS system I need and how long will it provide back-up power?

The safest way to determine what you can plug into your UPS is to take the total number of amps* used by the equipment you wish to attach and multiply by 120VA. For example, an average computer, modem and monitor uses approximately 3 amps (3 x 120VA = 360VA). So, choose a UPS product that provides at least 360VA amp protection. In this example the SYC650BB would be fine. Read in more detail about sizing...

As for back-up power, small units like the SYC650BB will run for about 12-20 minutes. The SYC650BB will run cash registers, lamps, portable phone stands, it will shut off computers safely it will take care of most small electrical items for about 12-20 minutes. To extend your run time, simply choose one of our larger UPS models.

*Note: You can usually find the amps on the product somewhere, usually where the wattage and serial number are located. If not, check your manufacturer's literature which usually has a technical specifications page with the information on it.

What affects the actual number of back-up minutes I can expect from a UPS product?

A range of minutes for expected back-up power are applied to each UPS. The actual number of minutes you'll get depends on how many items are connected to the UPS and how much "draw" they're requiring from the UPS. For example, a computer with a Pentium II processor would require a smaller amount of power from the UPS and would get more back-up power minutes than a computer with a faster Pentium IV processor.

What does "line interactive" mean?

UPS products with a line interactive feature have an advanced form of microprocessor-based UPS interconnection between normal power and battery power that provides for improved power monitoring and filtering, cleaner switching and much improved battery life.

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