Size Your UPS Equipment

A UPS product will plug into any properly-grounded 120V wall receptacle in your home or office. To choose the right UPS system to provide surge suppression and battery backup to sensitive electric equipment like computers, home entertainment systems and televisions, follow the steps below. If you have questions, e-mail us or call us toll-free at 1-888-284-3561.

  1. Walk around your home or office and list the equipment you would like to plug into a UPS. Many items can be grouped in an area near one outlet where the UPS device will plug into the wall. For example, your home computer area might include the computer, external modem and the monitor. Another area might be your television, DVD player and stereo receiver (home theater equipment).
  2. On the back of each piece of equipment is a nameplate that lists its power requirements in amps. For each item or group of items you've listed, total the number of amps for all the items that will be plugged into each UPS.
  3. Multiply the amp total by 120VA (which is your input voltage). The result is the VA requirement you'll need your UPS to supply for that item or group of items. For example: a computer is 2 amps, the modem is 0.3 amps and the monitor is 1 amp (a total of 3.3 amps), 120VA x 3.3 amps = 396VA.
  4. Choose the UPS product with a VA rating that supports at least that total (or more if you want to add another piece of equipment later). Our products pages show this figure in the specifications data.

Important Points to Note:

  • The large gap between your VA requirement and the VA capability of the UPS product results in longer battery run-time in the event of an extended power outage.
  • Battery back-up is only available to the outlets on UPS products that are marked as "Battery/Surge".
  • Some office equipment such as copiers and laser printers should never be plugged into the Battery/Surge outlets because of their excessive power draw during the heating and cycling of their components.

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