See how many different ways you can use WattsUp meters!

Energy Conservation at Home

Determine how much that old refrigerator or extra freezer in the garage is costing you to use. You can also figure out the payback for buying newer, more energy efficient appliances. Watts Up? can measure every appliance in the house.

Watts Up? lets you quickly and accurately determine the cost of anything with a plug. Is the refrigerator worth replacing? Should you turn off the PC? How much do the lights really cost?

  • Reduce your electric bill by uncovering big energy users.
  • Find out how often a sump pump runs.
  • Find the cost to heat the water bed or Jacuzzi.
  • Teach your children to be environmentally aware.
Boats and RVs

Boats and RVs rely heavily on batteries. If there are too many big energy users or leakers, the batteries drain quickly. Watts Up? can help identify current demand and capacity needs. Even small devices like battery chargers add up when they are plugged in 24 hours a day.

  • Identify which appliances are bigger energy users.
  • Measure the cost of charging the batteries while at home.
  • Determine the drain of a new appliance before running down the batteries.
  • Identify how often pumps operate.
For Businesses

The Watts Up? PRO and PRO ES easily create usage profiles for every device, enabling a facilities manager to manage their usage pattern. Many PCs and other equipment are sensitive to voltage variances. Significant damage and downtime can also result if voltage dips occur. Watts Up? PRO easily monitors line voltage and records power outages. This data can support service level agreements (SLAs) with utilities and backup power systems.

  • Reduce peak consumption.
  • Track line voltage.
  • Allocate utility costs for home offices.
  • Size UPS requirements and circuit loading for PCs and data/networking equipment.

After the outlets are installed, troubleshooting can become time intensive. With a convenient cord and outlet interface, Watts Up? can quickly identify problems.

  • Quickly measure line voltage.
  • Diagnose voltage drop or loading problems.
  • Educate customers about true costs.
Facility Managers

Intense budget pressure to reduce utility costs make the facility manager's job ever more difficult. Watts Up? plugged in next to your desk provides a sense of control and understanding by recording line quality.

  • Record line quality.
  • Provides record of power interruptions and voltage dips that can be used to recover compensation for service level.
  • Agreement (SLA) violations.
  • Reduce peak consumption.
  • Diagnose circuit problems.
  • Establish power profiles.
  • Sub-meter or allocate costs to appropriate tenants and departments.

Field inspectors and home auditors need to quickly identify big energy users and communicate it to the client. Watts Up? helps in both areas. By avoiding clamp-on devices which require access to internal wiring, Watts Up? can quickly identify high power users. Graphing tools make it easy to show many appliances, which can then be exported for professional looking reports. The duty cycle feature can also quickly determine if motors are running continuously instead of cycling on and off.

  • Determine usage and costs without probes.
  • Record power profiles for all devices and then download the data for a report.
  • Use Payback Calculator to present return on investment scenarios.
I.T. Professionals

Computer and data networking equipment is vital to most organizations, so power disruptions must be avoided. Watts Up? plugged in next to your desk conveniently records line quality with time stamped records of dips, surges, and interruptions. Watts Up? can also save considerable money by sizing UPS requirements to actual needs instead of generic listings on labels.

  • Provides time stamped record of dips, surges and power interruptions that can be used to recover compensation from service level agreement (SLA) violations.
  • Save money by not over sizing UPS requirements.
  • Diagnose equipment problems based on increased power draw.

Companies that produce energy efficient devices utilize Watts Up? in the design area and sales department. Watts Up? is a fast way for designers to get accurate power profiles under different conditions, enabling optimization of different control parameters. The one second sample rate is fast enough to capture startup and steady state usage.

  • The sales department will embrace Watts Up? as a powerful sales tool that will literally do the talking for them. Side-by-side studies are easy to implement, and the Payback Calculator provides specific ROI analysis.
  • Test different control parameters during product design.
  • Use as a sales tool during sales presentations or point-of-sale displays.
  • Reduce peak usage by profiling lab and assembly equipment.
Service Repair

Field diagnostics frequently incorporate power and voltage measurements. Motors have clear power profiles and problems can be easily identified. Standard DVMs require access to internal wiring and cumbersome probes. Power readings are even more difficult, and typically depend on manual computations that inevitably do not capture phase angle shift inherent in all inductive motors. Instead, simply plugging Watts Up? can often identify problems in seconds. Furthermore, the logging capability of the PRO enables profiles to be sent back to the main office for comparison and further analysis.

  • Add as standard tool in case.
  • Record and graph power usage to identify irregularities.
  • Peak value displays current surge and magnitude of voltage drops.
  • Faster, easier, and more information compared to using probe.

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