Product and Software Comparisons

Software Comparison

 Real-Time Software  Standard Software
 Price: $72.95  Included with Pro and ES Models
 Continuous logging of data in real time  Manual download of all data in memory
 Collects data and graphs it  Collects data and graphs it
 Updates time stamp to current time  Updates time stamp to current time
 Exports to Excel and Word  Exports to Excel and Word
 Includes Payback calculator  Includes Payback calculator
 Updates in real time  n/a
 Refresh rate as fast as 1 second  n/a
 Strip chart mode so graphs only shows last number of minutes or number of samples  n/a
 E-mail notifications based on user selectable criteria (peak usage, voltage sag, total usage, etc.)  n/a
 Log files automatically created based on user selectable intervals (daily, every 10k records, etc.)  n/a
 Statistics automatically calculated  n/a

WattsUp Product Comparison

The Watts Up? Pro ES comes with all the features of the Pro model, but boasts over 13,000 records of memory for sophisticated data collection. Over a week's worth of data can be collected with a resolution between records of only one minute. The sample interval (time between records) is user selectable between one second and one day.

Watts Up? Pro ES
(PC Interface/Extra Storage)

 Watts Up? Pro
(PC Interface)

 Watts Up? Basic
(PC Interface)




 Internal memory for over 13,000 records  Internal memory for over 2,000 records No internal storage
 USB interface and logging capability  USB interface and logging capability  No PC Interface
 19 values displayed   19 values displayed   18 values displayed
 Cost displayed   Cost displayed   Cost displayed
 1.5% accuracy*  1.5% accuracy*  1.5% accuracy*
 World-wide compatibility*  World-wide compatibility*  World-wide compatibility*
 PC interface  PC interface  
 Software included  Software included  
 Real-time logging capability (additional software required)  Real-time logging capability (additional software required)  
 User selectable and automatic interval setting  User selectable and automatic interval setting  

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