Dominion East Ohio

Energy Choice

Energy Choice is a program we are able to offer eligible customers as a result of competition in the natural gas industry. It lets you buy your natural gas from another supplier, then have it delivered by Dominion East Ohio. This is an option that most customers want, because it will allow you to select a supplier that offers you the most for your money. The actual amount of your savings will vary depending upon the supplier you select, the amount of natural gas you use and the price of natural gas in the future.

As an Energy Choice customer, you will still be considered a customer of Dominion East Ohio and we will continue to:

  • deliver natural gas to your home,
  • provide meter reading, billing and customer service work, and
  • respond to emergency situations and back up your other supplier with our natural gas supplies, so you never have to worry about an interruption of service.

Natural Gas Deregulation

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