Monthly Variable Rate

Dominion East Ohio offers eligible customers the opportunity to choose a retail natural gas supplier through its Energy Choice program. Customers that were previously with an Energy Choice supplier or participated in a municipal aggregation opt-in program whose contracts expire return to Dominion East Ohio's SSO rate for up to two billing periods, after which they are assigned to a retail supplier at the supplier's Monthly Variable Rate (MVR).

Nonresidential and large volume customers eligible to participate in Energy Choice are also assigned to a MVR if they do not choose a retail supplier. Eligible residential customers can elect to be put onto the Standard Choice Offer (SCO) rate instead of a MVR.

What is MVR?

The Monthly Variable Rate (MVR) is an unregulated rate that former Energy Choice or municipal aggregation opt-in customers may pay for their natural gas consumption if they have not selected a retail natural gas supplier or aggregation program. Eligible nonresidential and large volume customers who don’t choose an Energy Choice supplier will also be placed on a MVR commodity service.  Customers on a MVR rate purchase their natural gas from a designated MVR retail supplier.

How is the MVR determined?

The MVR rate is determined monthly by each supplier.

Do customers have options other than MVR?

Yes. As long the customer remains eligible for Energy Choice, the following options are available:

  • Eligible residential customers may switch to the SCO rate and thereby be assigned to an SCO supplier.
  • Shop for an Energy Choice supplier.
  • Join an aggregation program, if one is available in the community.

I am currently on MVR. Can I participate in Energy Choice?

Yes. Dominion encourages you to review your gas supply options and pick the option with the price and plan that works best for you. For more information, visit to learn about your energy choices.

Other valuable resources and insights can be found on the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio's Web site; and on the Office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel Web site, (for residential customers).

Will Dominion East Ohio make money on this?

No. Dominion East Ohio bills customers at their suppliers’ unregulated MVR and makes no profit on the natural gas portion of the bill. Instead, Dominion recovers its operating costs and a return on its investment in pipelines and facilities through its delivery charges.

Will customers see changes in their service from Dominion East Ohio?

No. Dominion continues to provide its current services, such as billing, meter reading, emergency response and answering bill and service questions.