Budget Billing

Level out your bills!

With Budget Billing, your estimated future gas use is averaged over 12 months to help avoid seasonal highs and lows in your bills.

All residential and small commercial customers who owe no more than their current bill are eligible. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s eligible?

All residential and small commercial customers who owe no more than their current bill are eligible.

Will I save any money on Budget Billing?

No. Budget Billing will not save you money. It's simply a budgeting tool to help you avoid seasonal fluctuations in your bill.

Are there any fees associated with Budget Billing?

No. There are no fees or charges associated with Budget Billing.

Are payment arrangements allowed while enrolled in Budget Billing?

No. Payment arrangements and payment extensions can't be granted while on Budget Billing, however other Payment Plans are available

Can I pay the actual account balance instead of the budget amount?

While on Budget Billing you should pay only the budget amount (not your current charges or the actual account balance).

How is my budget amount calculated?

To calculate the Budget amount, we first review consumption history for the service address. Then, we estimate future gas use based on normal weather and, if applicable, future rate adjustments during the year. The Budget amount is reviewed each May and November, and periodically in between, if necessary.

If I move, will I still be on Budget Billing?

No. You will need to start Budget Billing at your new address. Your new budget amount will be based on the average usage at your new address. You can start Budget Billing when you set up your new account online.

What if I want to stop Budget Billing?

You can stop Budget Billing at any time online. Your actual account balance will be due in full as soon as you stop Budget Billing.