Summer Weather Tips

Stay Cool

Summer weather creates unique challenges for everyone. When the temperatures soar, Dominion urges all residents, especially the elderly and young children, to take precautions when going out in the heat and to limit outdoor activities.

Avoid strenuous outdoor activity. If you must work outside, take frequent breaks and drink plenty of fluids. Do not wait until you are thirsty.

Stay indoors in a cool place, especially during the afternoon when temperatures are highest. If you must go outdoors, wear lightweight, light-colored clothing. Try to wear natural products such as cotton and avoid synthetics.

Be especially sensitive to pets, allowing them to stay inside when possible and keep them hydrated with plenty of water.

Energy Conservation Tips

These simple, inexpensive tips can help keep your home more comfortable and may reduce the amount of electricity you use:

  • Postpone activities that require hot water — such as washing dishes or clothes — to early morning or late evening. This will keep from adding more heat and humidity to the home.
    Raise the temperature setting on the thermostat. For every degree raised, customers can save as much as 3 percent on cooling costs.
  • Turn off unnecessary incandescent lights during hot weather. They add to the heat in the home. Consider switching to cooler, energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs (like CFLs) where light is needed.
  • Use ceiling fans and portable floor fans to move the air around in the home. If the home does not have air conditioning, fans are essential for cooling. In homes with air conditioning, fans allow residents to raise the thermostat and save energy without affecting comfort.
  • Close drapes during the hottest times of the day to block heat from entering the home and save energy.
  • Make sure window air conditioners are sized correctly. Ones that are too small will run constantly but not cool the room. Ones that are too large use more energy than necessary.
  • Clean filters to window air conditioning units or clean or replace filters to central air conditioning systems. Clogged filters cause air conditioners to use more energy to keep rooms or homes cool.
  • Clear attic vents. If the home has an attic fan, make sure it is functioning properly.
  • Learn more Energy Saver Tips – download a brochure from the DOE.
  • Home Cooling Systems – Learn about insulation, evaporative cooling, air conditioning and much more.

Physical Effects

  • Heat Waves – Learn from the American Red Cross what to do when a heat wave strikes or is expected, including treatment of heat emergencies. Also learn more about heat waves from the National Weather Service.
  • Heat-related Illness – It is easy to overdo it on a hot day. Learn how to prevent a heat illness from spoiling your day.

Lightning: Spectacular But Deadly

Lightning - Spectacular But DeadlyFew people really understand the dangers associated with lightning, so it is important to learn how to reduce your risk. Lightning can be fascinating to watch, but is an underrated killer. In the United States, there are an estimated 25 million lightning flashes each year.

Lightning killed an average of 62 people per year in the United States over the past 30 years, based on documented cases. Hundreds more are struck but survive.

Additional lightning information:

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