Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

For questions concerning use of the Taulia Vendor Portal (for Invoicing & Payment), please visit Taulia’s FAQs.

Where can I view my invoice and payment information?
Dominion has replaced the old Invoice Inquiry feature with the Taulia Vendor Portal. Taulia is a 3rd party chosen by Dominion to provide a web portal with invoicing and payment features as well as dynamic discounting capability. The portal is completely free to all of our suppliers and offers many features that we believe you will find extremely valuable.  Click here for more information.
Are there any special requirements for accessing the Taulia Vendor Portal?

No special software is required, just internet access.  You do need to receive an invitation to enroll (see “How do I enroll in the Taulia Vendor Portal?”)

Is there a cost associated with using the Taulia Vendor Portal?

No. All features of the portal are completely free to all of our suppliers. 

How do I enroll in the Taulia Vendor Portal?

First, you must be invited to enroll. If you have not received an invitation to enroll, click here to request an invitation. Please provide your company name and contact information. An email address will be necessary for prompt enrollment. You will receive the invitation from, so set them up as a trusted sender and ask your IT department to “white list” it.

I requested an invitation to enroll in Taulia, but did not receive it. What do I need to do?
  • If you are not an active vendor with us, we will not issue an invitation. To be an active vendor, you must have conducted business with us within the last 18 months.
  • Your email may have been blocked by your email service provider or your IT group.

Send us an email at or call us at 1-804-771-6200 for further information and assistance.

How do I request early payment for an invoice?

All early payments must be requested online in the Taulia Vendor Portal. If you have any approved invoices that are eligible for early payment, you will see “Pay Me Early” on the invoice screen.  Simply click on “Pay Me Early,” select an available date for payment, review the required discount, and confirm it. It will be rescheduled to your selected date with no further action required.

If you are participating in our MasterCard Single Use Account, early payment requests do not apply.  You are already being paid on the earliest date possible.

What is Dynamic Discounting?

Dynamic discounting is a type of early payment discount.  It differs from traditional discounts in the following ways: 

Traditional discounts are only taken if payment is made by a specific day (pass/fail).  Dynamic discounts are calculated based on a sliding scale using the term provided.  They are prorated based on the actual day of payment.  For example, using a 2% 10, Net 30 payment term, a payment on day 20 would result in a 1% discount since day 20 is exactly ½ way between day 10 and day 30.

Another difference is that under traditional discounting, payments that are not made by the discount date are scheduled for the end of the net term (30th day in above example).  Under dynamic discounting, payments are always made as soon as possible.

I am interested in offering Dynamic Payment Terms. What do I need to do?

That depends on what type of supplier you are:

Respond to dynamic payment term offers if received, or

Your buyer can adjust your payment terms on your purchase orders to a dynamic equivalent, or
You can email and request that we create dynamic payment terms on your vendor account (only applies to non-PO invoices), or
You can indicate dynamic terms on your invoice, just indicate “Dynamic” next to your term.

What is ERS?

Evaluated Receipt Settlement is an invoice automation tool for automatic settlement based on goods receipt/service entry. ERS involves an understanding between the vendor and Dominion whereby the vendor does not issue invoices. Instead, an invoice document is posted automatically on the basis of data from the purchase order. The packing slip/delivery ticket is included with the material at the time of delivery.

To request information about beginning ERS, please call us at the Accounts Payable Hotline, 804-771-6200, or e-mail us at

What is EFT?

Electronic Fund Transfer is a payment method, which releases payments from Dominion’s bank account to the supplier’s bank account. EFT involves the transfer of funds and remittance information from Dominion to the vendor electronically. To participate, please be sure your bank account can accept ACH credits.

What are the benefits of using EFT?

  • You receive the payment on the due date and
  • There's no more worrying about mail time or lost checks
  • Sign up for EFT through the Taulia Invoicing & Payment Portal.
How does Dominion format invoice numbers?

The vendor’s assigned invoice number (spaces and punctuation are removed). If you pass your invoice to us electronically and do not follow this standard, it may be difficult to locate your invoice if you call us about it.

If the vendor does not provide an invoice number, the following will be used as available:

  • Account number/bill number (no spaces, or punctuation).
  • Telephone number.
  • Date and dollar amount of invoice - If NO invoice or account number is provided Dominion will use Date and dollar amount of the invoice: MMDDYY$$$$$$$$$$ (example: invoice without invoice #, acct # or telephone # with an invoice date of 01/05/04 and amount of 200.00, your invoice number will be 01050420000).
Why is there a difference between my invoice and your payment?

It depends on the reason for the difference.  Please reference the text on your check or on your remittance advice sent via email. 

How can I find out the amount and issuance date of my next payment?

Forecasted payments can be viewed on the Taulia Invoicing & Payment Portal. The payment due date is shown for each invoice once the invoice has been fully posted in our enterprise system. Please allow approximately 2 weeks from the date your invoice is entered into Taulia and up to 3 weeks for other delivery methods. 

What information can I change through the Taulia Invoicing & Payment Portal?
  • Address
  • Bank Account
  • AR Contact Email

Do not change your name or tax ID.  Those changes should be requested by email to and appropriate documentation should be included (W-9, etc.).

How do I know if my company is already enrolled in the Taulia portal?

Every supplier that has enrolled in Taulia has an Administrator role assigned to a user within their company. If you do not know who the Administrator is within your company or do not know if your company has been issued an invitation to enroll, please send an email to We can tell you if we sent an invitation and the status of the enrollment; however, we cannot necessarily identify your administrator since that information is maintained internally by your company. 

What are the hours of operation for the Taulia Portal?

The portal is available 24 hours a day. Occasionally, it will be unavailable due to system maintenance. 

What should I do if I can not find the invoice I am searching for?

Depending on the delivery method of your invoice, please allow time for our receipt and entry of the invoice into our system. If you still cannot find the invoice, call the appropriate Dominion Hotline to help you obtain this information.  

What should I do if the amount paid does not agree with the PO price?

Always contact the Dominion buyer for information if your PO price is not correct. 

Why do some of my purchase orders show $0 values on the Taulia Portal?

If your purchase order number starts with “5” or “7,” no values are sent to the Taulia portal.  

What should I do if I can not find the PO I am searching for?

If you can't find a PO, send a message through the Taulia Portal. 

Where do I send my invoice?

Please bill all invoices to the appropriate Dominion company. 

If you are using the Taulia portal to submit an invoice, DO NOT mail a paper invoice.

If you are mailing a paper invoice, please address it to the appropriate location listed under our Contact Information.

What are the meanings of the status codes in the Taulia portal?

Invoice In Process – Invoice in AP for processing

Approved – Invoice approved & scheduled for payment based on terms

Paid – Invoice has been paid

Rejected – If an invoice is rejected to correct an internal Dominion issue, the correction will create a “duplicate” invoice in a non-rejected status. Please review the status of the “duplicate.” If no duplicate exists, contact the appropriate Dominion AP group or send a message through the Taulia Portal.

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