MasterCard Single Use Account FAQs


What is a Single Use Account?

A single use account is a MasterCard account provided by Dominion’s bank to make a payment for an invoice or a group of invoices.  The account number is valid for that payment only.  Dominion sends the supplier the account number after an invoice has been approved for payment.  The supplier submits the MasterCard account number in the same way as other MasterCard transactions to receive funds. 

How is a Single Use Account different from a Purchasing Card (P-Card)?

Although both of these are MasterCard accounts, P-Cards are assigned to individual Dominion cardholders and used on an ongoing basis for a variety of transactions. Departmental cardholders reconcile their P-Card transactions, and Dominion Accounts Payable does not process invoices for payment.  Single Use Accounts are managed by Accounts Payable as a payment method only.  They are used to pay approved invoices, whether tied to a purchase order or not.  When a single use account is used for payment, the account is only valid for that specific payment, and once paid, is no longer available to be charged. 

How does Dominion determine which suppliers are suitable for the Single Use Account method?

Good candidates for this payment method include suppliers that currently accept MasterCard (a requirement), suppliers that currently receive payments at least a few times per month, suppliers with average payments under $20,000, suppliers that do not currently offer early payment discounts, and suppliers with some electronic capability (email, spreadsheets).  In addition, Dominion is currently focusing on suppliers that can be converted from receiving checks and non-foreign suppliers.  

What are the advantages to accepting single use accounts as a payment method?

Faster payments and eliminating paper checks are the main advantages.  Suppliers who participate with Dominion will receive electronic payment notification as soon as invoices have been approved for payment whereas suppliers with other payment methods receive payments at the end of the payment term (usually 30 days from Dominion’s receipt of the invoice or other negotiated terms).   

How can a supplier participate in the single use account?

If a supplier currently accepts MasterCard payments, simply complete the Supplier Enrollment Form and return to Dominion.  If you prefer, you may contact Dominion Accounts Payable at 804-771-6200 and ask to speak to the Single Use Account Program Administrator.  If a supplier does not currently accept MasterCard, but would like to, they can speak with their bank or contact J P Morgan Chase Paymentech at

Is there a maximum payment amount that can be made on the single use account?

Currently, Dominion has established $1,000,000 as the maximum payment amount.  The maximum amount that may be charged by the supplier also depends on the supplier’s setup with their bank.  Participating suppliers with large payment amounts should review their limits with their bank.

Supplier specific questions

How do I get the Card Account Information to charge?

Dominion will send a secured email with the card information each time a payment is ready to be processed.  A secured email is different than a normal email in several ways: 

  • Your email inbox will receive an e-mail from Dominion’s SWD Postmaster.  This email will simply advise you that you have a secured e-mail ready to view and provide you with a link to a secured site.
  • You will be prompted to enter a password to open the email with the payment information.
  • Only the intended recipient can view the email.  This recipient is maintained in Dominion’s system, and suppliers should notify the Dominion Accounts Payable Hotline at (804) 771-6200 or by email at if email address changes are necessary.

The email with the payment information remains on the secured site.  It does not transfer into your email inbox.  It will be deleted within 48 hours after you read it.  It will be deleted in 14 days if you have not read it.   

I received an e-mail with the account information, but the payment was declined. What do I do?
Review your troubleshooting guide (at the end of your supplier guide) for possible causes and solutions.  Possible causes include submitting transactions against deactivated accounts (wrong account number, account already charged), exceeding the Point of Sale (POS) device credit limits, and not submitting the transaction within the time period provided in the email.  Contact the Dominion Accounts Payable Hotline at (804) 771-6200 or by email at
My business requires that I use the CVV (3 digits on back of card) to process a credit card transaction. How do I get it?
For security reasons, Dominion does not pass a Card Verification Value (CVV or CV2) in the payment notification e-mail.  Suppliers requiring this information should refer to your supplier guide for instructions. 
My business requires that I use the credit card billing address. How do I get it?

You can also refer to your supplier guide for this information. 

How do I process the transaction?
Suppliers process single use account transactions exactly like they process other MasterCard transactions.  Card information that never changes will be provided upon enrollment.  The remaining information will be supplied in the email you receive with your payment notification. 
I have not received payment as expected. Who should I contact?
First, check your email inbox again for an email from SWD Postmaster, and make sure the email is not in your “junk mail” box.  Contact the Dominion Accounts Payable Hotline at (804) 771-6200 or by email at to determine the status of an invoice.  The Hotline will refer you to the Single Use Account administrator if necessary. 
How do I access Payment Notification emails?

You will receive an email from Dominion’s Secure Web Delivery (SWD) postmaster.  It will tell you that you have a secured email ready, and will contain a link to view the email.  When you click on the link, you will be prompted for a password.  Once you enter the correct password, the payment notification email will open.  Only the designated recipient can open the email.  The designated recipient is established between the supplier and Dominion during enrollment and should be kept up to date as needed (personnel changes, etc.) 

I lost my email or am not sure I received an email. What do I do?
First, check your email inbox again for an email from SWD Postmaster, and make sure the email is not in your “junk mail” box.  Also check your “deleted” box to see if you accidentally deleted the email.  If you are sure you received an email but cannot locate it, contact the Dominion Accounts Payable Hotline at (804) 771-6200 or by email at for further assistance.
I did not submit the transaction within the allotted time. What do I need to do to get paid?
Either attempt to process the transaction or contact the Dominion Accounts Payable Hotline at (804) 771-6200 or by email at to see if the activation period has been extended.  If so, you can submit the transaction.  If not, Dominion will have a new account sent to you. 
I cannot open my email. Who do I contact?
For security purposes, the email is encrypted and will require a password to open it.  You will set this password the first time you receive an email and should use the same password each time.  Keep your password in a secure place for future reference.  Only the recipient of the SWD Postmaster email will be able to access the payment notification email.
When I try to open the secured e-mail, I get a message “Invalid Message ID.” What does that mean?
It means the secured email has been deleted.  Secured emails are deleted from the secured site either 48 hours after being opened or 14 days after being sent (if never opened).  Contact the Dominion Accounts Payable Hotline at (804) 771-6200 or by email at
Will I be charged a fee to process transactions?

Interchange fees are standard in the credit card industry. They are established between merchants (you) and their acquirers (your financial institution). Dominion has no influence over these fees and cannot provide guidance in how your fees are established. If you are concerned about fees, you should discuss them with your financial institution prior to enrolling in the program. Dominion does not reimburse for any fees incurred as a result of accepting credit card transactions.

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