Dynamic Discounting - Taulia Supplier Portal

Dominion is very excited to introduce our new Invoicing and Payment Portal, provided by Taulia, Inc.  This portal offers many features that we believe you will find valuable, including:

  • Managing payment information changes online
  • 24/7 access to the Taulia portal
  • All features of the portal are completely free to all of our suppliers, and no special software is required – only internet access.
  • View Purchase order, Invoice status, and Payment information, or download it.
  • Request early payments
  • Submit electronic invoices, including the ability to create invoices directly from purchase orders (PO Flips).

Invitations to enroll in the Taulia portal will be sent out sent out between December and March.  Invitations will be sent by email where possible from Please ask your email service provider to “white list” this address to insure you receive the email. We urge all of our suppliers to enroll.  If you do not receive an invitation by March 1, 2012, please send an email to and provide your company name, contact information, and email address.

For more information on the Taulia portal, view the Dominion Supplier Invoicing and Payment Portal Overview or visit the Taulia Web site.

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