America’s pastime puts me to sleep

by John Wiley, Jr.

confess: I don’t like baseball.

I love my mom. I love apple pie, especially a la mode. And I get goose bumps every time I hear the national anthem, especially when it’s accompanied by a big ol’ Stars and Stripes fluttering in the breeze. But “America's pastime” just doesn’t float my boat.

When it comes to sports, I’m a college football fanatic. My fall Saturdays are booked from noon ‘til midnight, as I switch from channel to channel to root for my favorites teams, including the Georgia Bulldogs, the Texas A&M Aggies—and any team playing Alabama. Hey, not that I’m jealous of the Crimson Tide’s success or anything. After all, my alma mater, Virginia Tech, is bound to have another mediocre season and play in another mid-level bowl game. (Sorry, fellow Hokies, but lowering my expectations makes the pain and disappointment easier to bear!)

But to me, baseball is excruciatingly slow. Frankly, my dear, I think watching water freeze is more entertaining. However, millions of people love the game, and this month’s issue of You explores that fascination from several angles: An employee and his son are trying to visit each of the country’s major league baseball parks. Another has collected sports cards since he was a boy. And a retiree who once worked as a sportswriter in Pittsburgh changed baseball as we know it.

April is also the month we salute the men and women of Dominion who give their time and talents through volunteer activities. On the 30th anniversary of the company’s “Volunteer of the Year” program, we recognize 30 individuals and programs that have made a difference in communities across the country.

Finally, Rodney Blevins, the company’s new chief information officer, gives us all a wake-up call on the challenges of cyber security—and offers some tips we can use to keep our work and personal computers, smart phones and tablets safe from hackers, scammers and the Chinese army.